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An easy weigh to lose weight...

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!

I hope that you are enjoying the warm weather this week and are staying hydrated - where did the heat come from?! British weather hey!?  Predictably unpredictable. Also, it feels like my garden could wither at any moment if it isn't watered every 5 minutes (which once a week is probably the best it gets, sorry plants!).

This week I have put together a guide to portion sizes which should be helpful.  It's difficult if you are having a stir-fry or someone else is cooking but this is a guide for the ideal portion size of each nutrient.  You may need to adjust slightly depending on your activity levels and metabolism.  These sizes are for main meals (lunch and dinner).  Breakfast should be slightly smaller in size.

For snack sizes:

A piece of fruit with a handful of nuts is a great snack mid morning or mid afternoon. Keep to a small handful – around 10-15 unsalted/unroasted nuts.

Sticking to these portions should help you to lose weight!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about what portion is right for you.

Have a fantastic week and see you soon!


Use your hands to gauge the correct portion sizes for you.

Protein: Size of your palm (bigger hands = bigger portion, sorry small hands!).


Vegetable portion size: two handfuls of non starchy vegetables


Carbohydrate portion size: small palm (when cooked) - this could be wholegrain pasta, brown rice, cous cous, quinoa, potato, oats, starchy vegetables (potato etc) 


Good fats: pinch or one thumb sized portion – avocado, olive oil, seeds, nuts


Your plate should look like this:


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Have a great week! 

Kind regards,

Angela Hartley

Cardiac Specialist Nurse, Nutritionist, Exercise Coach