About Angela HARTLEY


About Angela HARTLEY

Who Am I ?

• Angela Hartley, Director of Clinical Exercise

• A Registered Nurse with cardiac expertise

• A specialist Personal Trainer

• A Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist

• A Nutritional Therapist

• I have a particular desire to help people who want to get fit and keep fit in spite of their medical history

Medically Trained with Personal Training and Nutritional Expertise

What do I do?

• Take a different approach that is hard to find within the health care system

• Offer assessments, support, expertise, equipment, guidance, recipes and more

• Work in conjunction with your healthcare team

• Assess your medical history, medications and current treatment

• Design bespoke programmes combining exercise and nutritional guidance to suit your lifestyle

• Conduct one-on-one exercise sessions in the comfort of your own home

• Ensure you perform safe exercises, correct technique and nurture your confidence

• Provide ongoing support throughout your programme

Why Choose ME?

Why Choose ME?

 Here are 7 reasons as to why you should work with me! 


I’m known as a “life-changer”. By implementing small changes each week, I will change your lifestyle without it feeling like a monumental task. In 3 months you will be fitter and healthier.  In 6 months you will look and feel like a new person and won’t look back.

I know how to uncomplicate the process of recovery and lifestyle change and break it down into easy-to-do steps that won’t take up a huge amount of time or drain your bank account.

I stay up–to-date on the latest research about safe exercise and healthy food. You will receive only proven advice, not fads that change every few months.


I will make sure you don’t make the mistakes many others have made that only hold you back from moving on with your life. Your recovery will be quicker, you will feel stronger and you can get on with your life sooner. People won’t believe you’ve just had a major health scare!

I’ve successfully helped busy executives of highly successful businesses to return to work less than one week after stents and one month after bypass surgery. They learnt how to manage their life in a way that enabled them to look after their health AND continue to be at the top of their game.

I’ve also helped hundreds of others get fit, lose weight and feel more confident. From those who haven’t exercised for years to ex-athletes who have lost their fitness, I have helped many people who didn’t think it was possible to feel fit and healthy again.

I will develop a programme that is tailored to you. The care and attention given to the development of each programme is crucial to your success. Exercise, nutrition and training programmes are fantastic during the session but it is the knowledge and confidence that you can continue on your own that really counts.

What makes ME different?

What makes ME different?

We are discreet, bespoke, supportive and results driven!


• I am results driven using blood pressure, body measurements, blood sugar, cholesterol and more as benchmark for your success

• I am discreet, personal and bespoke in my approach

• I focus on London and Surrey and come to you with all equipment included

  • I offer an online programme for those that live overseas or out of London/Surrey - we work together weekly with the same level of advice and support.


What My Clients Say:

“ After my heart attack I wasn’t sure where to start. After working with Angela I am even fitter and healthier than before my heart attack. It is so great to have my confidence back.”

“I am delighted with my results and have so much more energy.”

“ I couldn’t do it by myself in the beginning and now I am confident to exercise regularly.”

“ Whatever age, size or shape you are, anyone can do it. Angela uses just the right amount of motivation and gentle persuasion to get you going!”


We deliver Fitness, Confidence, Energy, Change and Results!


If you think you or a friend could benefit from our programmes, please do get in touch! 

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Working with Angela has been truly rewarding and easy. Angela’s professionalism and knowledge is exceptional and shared in a clear, understandable and friendly manner, making following the programme effortless. Following my ‘adventure’ aka heart attack in August 2017, I sought re-assurance and the confidence to know how to exercise safely and how to push myself - aiming to fully participate in a ski holiday. Following Angela’s programme, including the non-supervised exercise sessions, has resulted in achieving all of the agreed aims of the programme. Angela’s clear communication, focus, structured approach and safe environment was just what I needed. I now have the confidence I sought and much more - in terms of outcomes, I have an increased knowledge of how to live following my ‘adventure’, a much improved level of fitness, significant (but healthy) weight reduction, a better understanding of my medication regime and how/if that can be managed/reduced and a new positive attitude for the future, knowing that Angela has enabled a great foundation for going forward. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone, her customised programme has been quite simply, life changing. Angela, thank you for all that we have acheived. I thank you, my family thanks you - and I had a most wonderful ski holiday with the family, which seemed a very distant possibility at the time of my ‘adventure’.
— Richard, Heart Attack and Angioplasty, 2018
Having Atrial Fibrillation made me scared to do any exercise at all. That meant I became fat, depressed and hardly able to do normal every day activities without feeling rubbish. Working with Angela has changed everything. She has shown me how to exercise safely and has guided me to exercise on my own. I have my confidence back and have lost the weight I put on. She has also got an ‘eagle eye’ and knows when something is ‘off’ and has referred me back to my cardiologist to tweak my medications. I can’t thank her enough!
— Peter, Atrial Fibrillation, June 2017
I met Angela in January 2013. She helped me regain health and fitness following a serious illness. Angela’s help and advice was invaluable; she was caring, professional and committed to helping me do more each week. She gave me the confidence to exercise again and is a fountain of knowledge about nutrition. I would recommend Angela to anyone requiring help with fitness, diet and overall healthcare.
— John, Heart Failure. 12 week programme. July 2017
It’s difficult to express just how much I appreciate your help and support over the last year; it really has meant a great deal to me and has helped me enormously, not just in my recovery but also to my long term health. Please take my sincere gratitude, thanks and my best wishes for the future. I particularly enjoy the useful tips every week that were easy to follow rather than all at once. Keeps me on track!
— Stuart, Angioplasty. 6 week programme. January 2016
Thank you very much for your hard work with me over the last few months. You have been an inspiration, with all your tips, guidance and positive encouragement. You must have a plethora of success stories under your belt during your time, which must be extremely satisfying after all the hard work and dedication that you put in to helping people like me recover from a heart attack and stents. I thought that I was healthy so it was the wake up call that I needed to shock me into action. I now know what I need to do to ensure my heart stays out of trouble!
— Guy, Hypertension and Weight Loss. 12 week programme. December 2015